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with Ceprodac mexico

It is a dance piece that confronts each of the 10 characters with the idea of "Time" in relation to their life and work in Mexico City.  A mega city, overloaded, stressful and incredible and full of vitality and speed at the same time.



is a dance solo about the power and danger of money, drugs, fame and death, It also tells of the search for hope, identity, and the will to live. 2012-2020

Please Tell Rosie
music video

Choreographer & performer

Directed by Marc Rießmann

 Sony Music 2016

Quijote Siglo XXI with Ceprodac mexico

The piece translates and extracts in dance movement 6 moments and images of Don Quixote. The work is designed to be presented in 6 spaces in an itinerant way with 20 dancers.


Looking through  

Sigma dance Company Singapur 

A show cast that touches on issues such as gender, borders, freedom within the Singapore context. 2019

The Star Tellers

Choreographer & performer

Commissioned by Music Ensemble Quillo 2016

Behind the door

is a physical comedy observing the emotional rollercoaster that waiting can bring. 2013-2019


Video dance winner at Katapult Berlin in Juli 2020 

Christmas Oratorium in berliner dom


Commissioned by Christoph Hagel/tocc-concept 2015

Parisian Life
in Radialsystem Berlin

Choreographer & Performer

 Commissioned by Novoflot 2012

What we feel: HAPPINESS in sophiensaele Berlin

Choreographer & performer

 Commissioned by Novoflot 2011/12


Regie_Commissioned by Ministry of Education in Berlin 2018.

El rojo late

A dance exploration inviting audiences to feel the heartbeat and pulse of a person in a big city living at an accelerated and multitasking pace. 2017

Impulse to fly

This video dance is inspired by the emotion of wishing to take off. Generating flight impulses and dealing with the reality of having physical limits, this piece invites viewers to feel the desire to fly.  2019


A duo piece perform together with Daniel Drabek during the Project Lab-Y 2018 Tanztage Templin at the gymnasium in Templin, Germany. 

musical Oklahoma 


Commissioned by Music School Reinikendorf Berlin. 2017


Yeri Anarika 
Creativ Director/Choreographer/Dancer
Elsa-Brandström-Str. 32
13189 Berlin


®Yeri Anarika - All rights reserved

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