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Reconnecting us with our own body and mind in a deeper way. I invite you to explore your body, get to know it and strengthen.


My yoga classes at the Lübbesee lake in Templin offer a unique connection to nature. With the Vinyasa Flow method, we empower body and mind through dynamic sequences.


Each session connects us with our body as part of nature and the present and inspires us with vital themes. My background in dance drives creative sequences and my knowledge in neuroscience supports the practice.


Relaxation, meditation and pranayama are vital to balance and connect us holistically with our essence. The key is to initiate and maintain the connection with your body while nurturing and strengthening it.


From 9:00 to 10:30 am

All ages and fitness levels

Where: At the Lübbesee See location

Or Graamsaal

17268 Templin


The yoga classes at Eden Berlin Studios are based on the Vinyasa Flow approach, a creative experience that empowers body and mind with active sequences that are renewed as a new day and moments of relaxation.


During each session, you will connect with your body in the present, while inspiring you through vital themes. My background in dance supports the creation of dynamic sequences, and my knowledge of neuroscience underlies the practice.


Relaxation, meditation and pranayama are essential to the balanced, holistic connection during each class.


From 9:00 to 10:15 am

Where: Eden Studios

Breite Straße 43, 13187 Berlin. Pankow. 


The Pilates Flow class focuses on the flexibility of the whole body and especially on the deep muscles that stabilize us. In addition, the core muscles are trained and your entire body posture and awareness takes place. 

Classes are offered privately according to your schedule. 

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