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Audiovisual projects

As a performing artist in dance I can generate awareness in an aesthetic and artistic way and communicate messages through audiovisual media to inspire people to reflect, act and make positive changes in society.

Three sisters

Inspired by Anton Chekhov, it is a film adaptation that uses dance as a form of expression and is presented as a multi-channel video installation. The work explores the search for happiness and the unfulfilled longings.


The proposal incorporates interviews with the performers, interweaving their personal experiences with those of Chekhov's characters. 

Premiered on December 2022, it is the first creation of the film: CINEMADANCE, produced within the framework of DOCKdigital Berlin.


Inspired on Aldemaro Romero's "Fuga con pajarillo", this dance video captures the struggle of a being to fly and gain a new perspective of the world. The choreography, led by prima ballerina Elisa Carrillo Cabrera and Meritxell Aumedes in the video, brings this narrative to life.

Premiered in 2021 during the pandemic as part of "Danzatlán en un clic", the work represents the yearning to fly in a confined space, symbolizing the collective experience.


The dance transitions from heaviness to lightness, personified in the figure of the little bird. As a universal metaphor for overcoming obstacles and achieving dreams, the work radiates light and invites us to contemplate the world from a new height.

Three sisters

A video dance piece performed during the spring of 2020. It originates from a deep desire to embrace the essence of and connection with the natural world, inviting viewers into a universe where movement, music and visual storytelling come together.

Set to the music of Konrad Behr, the dance merges with the camera lens of Bruno Renne.


In cultural education, I have created several series of short films on specific themes. The 10 short films in the "Visions of the future" series, made between 2020 and 2021, address the theme of the future in a utopian, dystopian and associative way.


There is a short film about climate change entitled "Uckermark 2047", which presents a war for water and abandoned children in a place with scarce resources and a utopian one set in 2050 shows a society with regional production, an efficient recycling system and no racism.


The stories are danced and performed by 12 children between the ages of 8 and 17.

Please tell Rosie

Music video that tells a story directed by Marc Rissmann. A woman overwhelmed by automatism in a big city, remembers her childhood and re-finds her creativity and color in life.


Yeri Anarika, with her interpretation and choreography, guides us in the video through her transformation.


Please Tell Rosie is a famous song from the album "Music Is My Best Friend" by German musician Alle Farben. It is a SONY MUSIC production.

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