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Parisian life


A Divine Comedy by Jaques Offenbach, NOVOFLOT and Ensemble Mosaik (chamber orchestra), vocal ensemble, dancers and actors.


Paradise - it's called Paris. Paris is a place of longing: centre of the world economy, of fashion, of love and amusement...realm of fantasy and obsession.

“Life is big, expensive, difficult and perfect”- “And my mind, it hurries away in a great flight”


With the performance of Jaques Offenbach's Parisian Life, NOVOFLOT dedicates itself for the first time to the genre of operetta. The title of the work is taken literally. The piece reads this as a metaphorical translation for the human handling of life, its socio-cultural abnormalities in consumer society, its lies and curiosities in the chaos of the widely repressed apocalypse.


Concept: Sven Holm and Malte Ubenauf

Premiere: 17 December 2011

For vocal ensemble, actors/dancers and chamber orchestra

Composition: Jacques Offenbach and Ensemble Mosaik

Production: NOVOFLOT in co-production with Radialsystem V

Director Sven Holm

Musical direction Vicente Larranaga

Choreography: Yeri Anarika

Dramaturgy Malte Ubenauf / Ines Hu

Stage and costumes Elisa Limberg

Composition and Orchestra Ensemble Mosaic

Production Management Dörte Wolter



Olivia Grigolli Lucifer / Baroness von Gondremarck

Melih Tepretmez Baron von Gondremarck

Ernst Surberg God / Raoul de Gardefeu

Yeri Anarika / Bobinet

Hanna Dóra Sturludóttir Métella / Madame de Quimper-Karadec

Bini Lee Gabrielle

Meik Schwalm Brazilian / Frick / Prosper

Yuka Yanagihara Pauline / Madame de Folle-Verdure

Simon Robinson Urbain / Joseph

Ines Hu Clara

Matthias farmer Louise

Chatschatur Kanajan Léonie

Vicente Larrañaga Gontran Chaumier

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