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Concept: Sebastian Bark, Sven Holm


NOVOFLOT in co-production with Sophiensæle Berlin


Do we still want to see people on stage feel something? And if so, should they approach it individually and authentically or should they be stylized according to the rules of an emotive doctrine? Under what conditions do feelings spread? Do we want to feel something for ourselves? Would we rather see people think? Which music, which singing corresponds to the current concepts of emotion and feeling? Where is the transition from emotion to madness or the connection between madness and song, which the depiction of feelings in opera often seems to suggest? How does the psychological development of a character relate to the singer's acute fear of coloratura? What does devotion mean in opera? And what does it take? 



A world premiere project by NOVOFLOT and Aleksandra Gryka based on motifs by Dorota Maslowska, Arnold Schönberg, Quentin Tarantino, Anton Tschechow and others.

Concept and libretto: Sven Holm and Malte Ubenauf

The weariness of the protagonists' expectation of happiness and faded trust in God turn into the stucco of Happiness to plan a perfect robbery. And the diamond loot becomes the subject of the search through all rooms and floors of the sophiensaele. A multi-perspective station drama for singing, dance, language, film and chamber ensemble. "Heaven shall burst today... one false step, and you are already in hell."



Sven Holm, Malte Ubenauf / Concept and Libretto

Aleksandra Gryk/ composition

Sven Holm / Director

Vicente Larrañaga / Musical direction

Yeri Anarika Vargas Sanchez / choreography

Elisa Limberg / Stage and Costumes

Malte Ubenauf / Dramaturgy

Philip Kießling / Video

Jörg Bittner / Technical Management and Lighting

Dörte Wolter / Production Management



Bini Lee / Soprano

Yeri Anarika Vargas Sanchez / Dance

Luise Weiß / Acting

Ceri Williams / mezzo-soprano

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