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Commitment and diversity in dance education 

Teaching needs to be methodical and gradual, while remaining reactive to the moment, and adapted to the level of the participants and the goal of the class, project or school. As a dance teacher, my approach is to make the workshop or class a moment of life, maintaining a permanent dialogue with the student. 

Enriching mind-body connection

I design and teach dance classes and workshops that explore art and creation in the context of dance, as well as the use of the body in creating characters. My main focus is to nurture the soul of the art of dance, regardless of whether it is technical classes. 

I provide the tools to prepare the body technically with solid expressive tools. From contemporary dance techniques to somatic practices, I offer an inclusive approach for all ages and levels, where dance and creation can be experienced without restrictions of specific technique.

In every class or workshop we focus on providing the tools that enrich the skill and authenticity of movement, encouraging self-connection. At the same time, I provide knowledge in composition for artistic creation.

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