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Dance solo

A door, a person, a corridor and a danzón that generate a "physical comedy". "Who hasn't waited in front of a closed door?...I want to go through there with my hands and feet...Frame and border to places, moments, people, situations...I leave this place and find another one...Running towards the door, near the door...Go beyond...This is where the key is? Look through the lock: what's over there?"

An idea that is expressed in simple images of dynamic embodiment and lightness on stage. A piece that lead the performer and the spectator to familiar moments that dance manages to abstract and humorize.

By and with: Yeri Anarika Music: Danzón No. 2 de Marquez Length: 12 min.

Technical Requirements: The piece needs just to organice a door on wheels or fixed on the stage. The lighting consists of creating a corridor 2.5 meters wide by 6 meters long.

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