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(COMMUNITY SCHOOL live with diversity)

"...are you curious what new ideas can arise when people reflect and rethink an educational system?" 


This is a work commission by the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family from Berlin.

Directed by Yeri Anarika together with the film Artis Paul Rohlfs.  The documentary work took place in 24 Schools in Berlin and create a way to describe what is the concept? And How is implemented in each school?   

Gemeinschaftsschulen leben Vielfalt

Gemeinschaftsschulen leben Vielfalt

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GEMEINSCHAFTSSCHULE (Community School) was established as a pilot project in 2008. Its aim is to create greater equality and equity of opportunity through longer joint learning and optimal promotion of the individual skills and abilities of all pupils.

Maximum learning and performance development is made possible by differentiated learning opportunities and full-time operation. Community schools lead to all school-leaving qualifications.

The documentary was done during 2017. Film Premiere: 14th of November in Berlin.