Now(H)ERE by Yeri Anarika (Mexico-Berlin)


An original production by the Centro de Producción de Danza Contemporánea (CEPRODAC) in charge of Yeri Anarika in the artistic direction and choreography. Created together with the 2006 cast of Ceprodac and German composer Arno Kraehahn and stage lighting designer Fernando Feres and Gina Paris in costume design and props. 

The work was premiered in November 2016 and has been one of the most performed works in CEPRODAC's repertoire to date. 

Now(H)ERE is an invitation to follow moments in the lives of ten characters that franticly exist and move in one of the biggest metropolis of the world: México City. 


It is a contemporary dance piece that muses on the idea of human beings forced —during present times— to live centred in immediacy and simultaneity in relation with themselves, their affections and their work. The piece is a seductive invitation to follow brief moments in the lives of ten characters that franticly exist and move in one of the biggest metropolis of the world: México City. Even tho the visual universe of the piece is deeprooted in the the folklore and the theatricalities of Mexico’s artistic tradition, it aims and succeeds in targeting a urban universal vision.


With an extreme physicality and the overlapping of their movements as primordial corporal tools, the dancers show us the fragility and sensibility that gives an impetus to every personage. Dramatic and humoristic moments coexist with frontal monologues that flood the piece of vitality.


A lot of persons live in the frontier of exhaustion and even more are running some sort of survival race: time escapes and, suddenly, the most dearest things for us are lost, under the sad assumption that that’s just the way life is. But, ¿it’s that really true? ¿How do we take care of ourselves? ¿How do we deal with love and personal relationships? ¿How much time do we spend with our children? ¿How much in our work? ¿Are we in an eternal cyclical race? ¿When was the last time that you dedicated a moment just to do nothing? ¿How are we spending the one and precious time that we are aloud

to live?


We cannot always change what happens to us in life, or the space where we live, but we can change the way we experience it, in this sense, Now(H)ERE is a work that inspires us to live courageus, immersing us in spaces awareness in the midst of the tumultuous ocean of the metropolis.


Dauer: 75 m.


Direction and choreography: Yeri Anarika

Stage design and lighting: Fernando Féres

Electroacustic music and Sound design: Arno Kraehanhn

Costume design: Gina París

Costume design Assistant: Javier Moreno

Choreographic assistant: Isabel Arreguebere

*Danced and created by: Leonardo Schwartz, Paulina del Carmen, Irvin Guerrero, Jairo Cruz, Yansi Méndez, Edith Pérez, Jonathan Castillo, Ulises García, Claudia Olvera y Luis Galaviz. *CEPRODAC dancers are supported by National Fund for Culture and Arts.


Artistic Director: Marco Antonio Silva Martínez

Executive Director: Eleno Guzmán Gutiérrez

Producer: David Bear Macías

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