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Now(H)ERE by Yeri Anarika (Mexico-Berlin)

Now(H)ERE is an invitation to follow moments in the lives of ten diverse characters existing frantically in one of the biggest metropolises of the world: México City. A dance piece musing on the contemporary pressure of immediacy and simultaneity that most human beings are now forced to deal with, Now(H)ERE examines individuals' relationship to themselves, their loved ones and to their work. The piece is a seductive invitation to peek into the lives of ten characters' frantic existences as they go about their daily routines. Even though the visual universe of the piece is deeply rooted in the folklore and the theatricalities of Mexico’s artistic tradition, it offers a universal urban vision.

Using extreme physicality and overlapping movements as the fundamental corporal tools of the piece, the dancers show the fragility and sensibility that give an impetus to every personage. Dramatic and humorous moments coexist with frontal monologues that flood the piece with vitality.

Many people live on the edge of exhaustion and even more are running some sort of survival race; time escapes and, suddenly, the most dearest things for us are lost. They assume that is just the way life is. But is this really true? How do we take care of ourselves? How do we deal with love and personal relationships? How much time do we spend with our children? How much at work? Are we in an eternal cycle or race? When was the last time that you dedicated a moment to simply doing nothing? How are we spending the one, precious life we are given?

We cannot always change what happens to us in life, or the space where we live, but we can change the way we experience it. In this sense, Now(H)ERE is a work that inspires us to live courageously by immersing us in different spatial stories and inviting audiences to find their own calm in the midst of the tumultuous ocean of the metropolis.

Now(H)ERE is created by Yeri Anarika, together with the 2006 cast of CEPRODAC (Contemporary dance production centre ) and German composer Arno Kraehahn with stage lighting designer Fernando Feres and Gina Paris in costume design and props. It premiered in November 2016 and has been one of the most performed works in CEPRODAC's repertoire to date. 

Length: 75 m.


Yeri Anarika 
Creativ Director/Choreographer/Dancer
Elsa-Brandström-Str. 32
13189 Berlin


®Yeri Anarika - All rights reserved

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