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"The Star Talers”

Music theatre based on the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm

(Musik > Aziza Sadikova)


Aziza Sadikova, with her composition of the fairy tale, has created a very atmospheric, varied music. The commissioned work recreates the story of the "The Star Talers”. Yeri Anarika creates a Dance solo episodes guided by the music and lyrical texts by Egloff, von Eichendorff and Rilke. The mezzo-soprano's voice and the dancer's movements take the audience on a magical journey.


The Fairy tale: An orphaned girl is poor and homeless; she has only her clothing and a loaf of bread that a kindhearted soul has given her. She is a goodhearted person. She gives a hungry man her bread, and to three cold children she gives her cap, her jacket, and her dress. After wandering into a forest, she sees a naked child begging for a shift, and since it is dark and she cannot be seen, she gives her own shift away. As she stands there with nothing left at all, suddenly stars fall to earth before her, becoming talers, and she finds herself wearing a new shift of the finest linen.


Premiered in 2014 and until 2017 in Brandenburg at Haus Quillo and the church in Prenzlau. Duration 60min.


Free Theatre Scene Brandenburg

Dirección: Ursula Weiler

Music: Aziza Sadikova, played live by Ensemble Quillo, for soprano, flute, piano/celesta, double bass, percussion. –

Choreography and Dance: Yeri Anarika

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