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I started practicing yoga in 1997 at the Contemporary Dance Center in Angers, France and in 2005 I started teaching yoga at Dock11 Berlin. Since then I have been experimenting to create a method with a clear structure that allows me to generate classes with ever new combinations.  

I teach Vinyasa Flow, a dynamic and above all creative form of yoga. The sequences offer soft and slow flows where the whole body moves in connection with the breath and the intention of the practice itself. The here and now is the guiding force of each class and several themes are covered that are important for all of us to remember or hold in our awareness.
Through my experience as a dance teacher, yoga teacher and in Pilates and Martial Arts I have developed an understanding of body, mind and creativity from which I draw my movement classes. 

My intention in leading Yoga and Movement lessons is to share a space of connection with oneself and the space in which we live, to feel the present moment and to flow with flexibility in our life.


The Pilates Flow class focuses on the flexibility of the whole body and especially on the deep muscles that stabilize us. In addition, the core muscles are trained and your entire body posture and awareness takes place. 

Fit Spine

This training is suitable for everyone. Even people who are no longer so mobile can exercise wonderfully here! 

It is a very good method for the back. It combines coordinated, flowing movements with breathing and elements of Tai Chi, Yoga and Gyrokinesis - all on a Chair!

In the course you can train regardless of your age and physical condition. The important thing is that you start or continue to take care of your body.