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The state of research for the creation in contemporary dance is fundamental. Yeri Anarika has been working on it behind closed doors for years. Responding to a constant search for her movement style: employing physical, musical and contextual themes that can be taken forward on stage. 


Research in contemporary dance is about how to bring ideas directly to the body in motion.  They are exercises for creation.


Each Research uses physical and somatic modes of attention to examine choreographic cognition, with a focus on `knowing how', and other manifestations of `feeling' that a decision is `correct', in order to illuminate creative decision making in choreography and the possible concept of a work.


The idea is to "look for ways in motion" to articulate ideas in a creative process that has the option or not of continuing to be developed within a more complex production framework for the stage.

Working on...    

2018 - 2019                                                                                             

RESEARCH   Looking through  

Yeri Anarika / Sigma dance Company Singapur 

Show cast with Sigma Dance Company. Watch how Yeri Anarika blends theatre with dance through set context-improvisation and learn what inspires this artist in the current socio-political climate as she touches on topics like gender, borders, freedom and what it means in the Singapore context.


RESEARCH   female&malebody 

Yeri Anarika / Antonio Salinas

the starting depart is to search into our Female & Male sides: How are the states of movement? which qualities dow we find? which frequencies are involve? How many stereotypes we’re using? etc..

Those will be some of the themes in the context of the Research. We aim to work with concrete aspects of physical action and how they can be applied to fictional, physical and dance structures, depending on the specialty of each participating artist. Everything will be explore to produce a physically demanding vocabulary base on this topic. We wish to open our reaserch and make a playful state of creativity.


Movement Quality




Movement Quality


“Two” Dance duo by Yeri Anarika and Sarah Grether

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