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Constanza Macras-

Dorky Park 

DORKY PARK was founded in 2003 under the artistic direction of Constanza Macras and the dramaturgy of Carmen Mehnert in Berlin.


DORKY PARK It is an interdisciplinary ensemble that works with dance, text, live music and film and tour all over the world and is invited to many international festivals.


Yeri Anarika has been a member of the ensemble from 2003 - 2013 dancing and she has also assisted in some productions:


2003-2007 "Back to the Present" Schaubühne Berlin / DANCER

2004 "Mir Love History" Sophiensaele /DANCER

2005-2007 "Big in Bombay" Berliner Festspiel and Schaubühne / DANCER

2005-2007  Sure "Shall we talk about it" Hebel Theater / DANCER

2006-2011 "Midsummer night dream" Schaubühne / Assistant (replacement DANCER)

2007-2013 "I'm not the only one" Volksbühne & Studio 44 DANCER

2008-2009 "Oedipus Rex" Hellerau Dresden, HAU & Belgien /  DANCER

2009-2012 "Open for everything“ / dancer

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