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„What is the narrative of dance in relation to the action of a given situation? How does everyone find ways to compose?„

Choreographer Yeri Anarika leads this workshop investigating the body language, gestures, movement and compositional process, questioning how movement can communicate to someone doing it and watching it. That is, the dramaturgy of movement in a defined context.

This workshop is for students, artist and professionals with experience of arts, dance and performing arts who are interested in re-examining and extending their own process and practice.


The Set-Context Improvisation are exercises done by one persone or in a group. Each exercise starts with a clear frame of a situation: an action that creates movement task and a explores an emotion, (like a given scene in a film). This given context will get into variations while improvising by adding or changing movements dynamics, meanings, music, rhythm, props, etc…


We use to improvise with everyday situations and basic actions using dance, gestures, voice, objects and music. During the full workshop we work with presence, decision-making and the interaction of image, reflection and abstraction of gestures and movement.

We use improvisation techniques in a structured framework of a clear context for each exercise. The work with the stage presence and the ability to make decisions is of the utmost importance. Reflect on the interaction of the themes, the movement they generate in the body and their meaning.

I am interested in playing with interpersonal relationships as well as with objects and my own body: touch, weight, distance, signals, gestures, rhythm and resonance.

This workshop nourishes the imagination, encourages the generation of new movements.


This work is usually fun improvisation and inspires those involved, to give it a fresh touch their performances and creations .


Yeri Anarika 
Creativ Director/Choreographer/Dancer
Elsa-Brandström-Str. 32
13189 Berlin

®Yeri Anarika - All rights reserved

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