To perform in front of people, in front of students is a daily occupation. It is a mix of personality, knowledge, skills, listening and experience to transmit something that can be interesting or important to know in life. The Workshop it is an invitation to reflect on a physical way. Using the all body, play and forget being ashamed.


Beyond being a teacher, we’re all just persons, we’re having a constant dialogue between the interior, exterior and the context in which one finds oneself in the moment: space and time but also tasks, though, people and goals.


The first goal is to develop a defined and articulated own body, with borders and extensions, energy that flows in and out and is essential to communicate!  


How to to find more presence in life?

How to to find full presence in front of students?

How to to find real presence in front of our partner, children, friends and colleges?

We start the workshop with a physical warm up: Lengthening and getting open and connected with the own body-mind - voice are first on the list.

Then phases of – movement – dancing follow and speaking - follow in which the participants follow the teacher and then are guided to keep adapting the movement and dance in their own way. The goal is to connect the body and mind.

Then we get into Improvisation of different task that shows how we are able to control our energy and the communication force.

Then is a reflexion towards ourselves and the fact to be a teacher. How ever that means for each one.



“I believe that thought dance and theater methods we can study  stereotypes to communicate, we can reflect together, looking for moments by exploring ourselves as many-faced human beings. As a result, we aim to go beyond conventions and experience a little bit what can happen on stage: What it means to “act” or just “be alive” “BE PRESENT” 

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