My practice as a stage creator and teacher is always connected. As a creator and teacher of dance and performing arts my goal is to share experiences, thoughts, information and ways of acting to inspire others, whether during a class, workshop or creation.  Intuition and inspiration are the muses that give us the energy that moves people to do something they really want, something they believe to be true and that consequently produces an act full of truth, where there is room to simply "be what it is" and experience the ephemeral moment of movement or stage action. 


Through the years of teaching dance classes and workshops, methods of movement and performing arts, I have learned to give my dancers and students the importance of both the know-how (know how? -technique) and the ability to make their own decisions, reflect, search, discover and develop the imagination of the universe itself. 


I have led groups of very diverse participants - dancers of all ages, abilities, interests and backgrounds, children, young people, university students, masked theatre professionals, senior citizens; all kinds of people interested in the performing arts. (Other noninterested ones who are interested afterwards:) - And the most wonderful thing is that: in each workshop, there is something new to learn, to transmit and to do, because the way of creating and teaching depends on my intuition and adaptability to the group. It is about responding to individuals in the room and acting with them to generate moments of truth.


The idea behind my work is: transmitting and collaborating rather than "teaching", giving examples that motivate people to generate their own way of acting.  Dance "is not copied" is transmitted and immediately "is lived in one's own body". Commitment, attention, curiosity and independence are actions that I seek to generate in the individual dynamics within the group, so I am interested in creating content, stimulating the ability to communicate and keeping my mind alert and open.


A class, a workshop, a creation require dynamic interaction between what is going on in my mind and what happens with everyone else. Therefore, it is essential to generate magic in group work and its dynamics. You have to know how to invent and improvise working sessions with those who are in front of you, so exercises and dynamics that support the needs of the moment and the needs that some stage idea requires. 


Teaching workshops, classes and choreography generate an intrinsic relationship between the act of transmitting and the development of an artistic practice in a team. 

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