El Rojo Late (at the flow of my time)

The notion of time and the beating of the heart of a human being in large cities where people move non stop from one place to another, are the impulse of this Solo work.

Yeri Anarika uses in her dance a movement that she has called "Contra-Direction-

Movement": A movement that starts in one direction is diverted to another direction which overlaps with a second movement, as if it were a simultaneous and immediate transit or task. This event generates contrasting dynamic: The quality of movement is vital, latent and full of dynamics.

The music was composed by Arno Kraehanh. The pulse on it is constant, as is being immersed in Mexico City. Yeri Anarika, who lives in both cities, investigates whether speed is perceived differently in Mexico City and Berlin, or if it is a parallel experience... Is it still possible to find some stopping points in the time flow?

"El Rojo Late (to the flow of my time)" translates these reflections into choreographic work:

…My heart is beating continuously and the blood flows through my body, rhythmically beating...the continuity of time, our surroundings: the colors, the rain, the heat, the air, the life, if only this were it: "What joy"! And the rest of it? How ‘re we exposed to constant decisions? Instants and decisions. Perceive and be: El Rojo Late: The beauty of living is to enjoy, it is to be oneself modeling the infinity that we are. My heart beat make palpable what is invisible and invites the spectator to sensitize his perception…

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