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Contemporary Dance Class

The warm-up engages alignment in the body and is followed by movement material with a dynamic flow, playing with energies between attack and release. The technique allows the joints to relax and energy to flow and connect with maximum efficiency. Yeri Anarika uses music to influence the dynamic of the movement and spinning to engage the core. The class is influenced by martial arts.


All of this work prepares the body to travel, exploring the broadest movement in space while making clean transitions from large to detailed movement. This is an energetic class, focusing on clarity, intention, and physicality.


It is a combination of contemporary dance technique, mix with improvisational moments, possibly working in pairs and groups.


Yeri Anarika 
Creativ Director/Choreographer/Dancer
Elsa-Brandström-Str. 32
13189 Berlin

®Yeri Anarika - All rights reserved

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