Teresa (alias la Mexicana) is a dance solo about the power and danger of money, drugs, fame and death, It also tells of the search for hope, identity, and the will to live. In this work, Yeri Anarika focuses in on the melodramatic, tragicomical and fragile moments in the life of a drug dealer's wife, a young woman who is forced to leave her home because of her and her husband's con ict with the drug-traf cking world.

Yeri Anarika combines dance and theatrical language which re ects the grotesque- ness of the situation, the humor and the fragility of the protagonist.​


Choreography and performer

Yeri Anarika 


Paul Hasslinger, Thalia, Vicentico, Los Tigres del Norte


Jesus Vargas


Lea Kalinna, Jesus Vargas y Max Renne


60 min.

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