With my work I wish to creat situations. Making use of illusion, humour and virtuosity, evoking emotions. I love to be curious, intuitive and learn new skills.

I aim to create and discover and share new universes in constante change of contexts or framework.  


I believe that creation is a clear consequence of it’s precedent, so I work like an actor with the background of the things I or the question: What we want to share or communicate.  I really like to bring up significance.


Travel with my dance became an inevitable part of my life.  The observation of different cultures, behaviours and human relations, and the contemplation of natural landscapes has always been a source of inspiration.


I use dance and performance   as Tool and not as Goal. I like to communicate with theatrical discourses that are sustained by movement and dance - I’m constantly looking for generators of physicality and then looking for filters that maximize the content of my proposals.


Creation, dance and movement  shapes my spirituality it reveals particles of truth. Sometimes, the particles disappear at the end of the performative act, but sometimes, they endure.

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